A bit of  an interesting note. The architect was really unhappy with the upper floor columns. They just weren’t working with the light cable railing around the stairwell. So, it was decided to replace them with a steel beam that would be cantilevered off a steel post inside the east wall of the great room

It had arrived from the shop just before our regular Thursday status meeting. It’s a fairly light W10 x 26 and its about 16’ long so it “only” weighs about 400 pounds. The crew can just pick that up and carry it to where it belongs and they did!

Here it is in place in the ceiling of the east master bedroom. The stack of 5 LVLs pushes down on the 4’ lever arm and thus tries to pick up the 12’ lever arm. With a 3 -1 ratio, the beam didn’t need to be tied down at the east wall, the force isn’t that high.