February 19, 2022

Since we finally have the room, Martin decided to do the ROKR Marble Explorer build that Eileen had given as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. A stop-motion setup was needed to really do it right. The precision of this model has to be seen to be believed! It really didn’t require any glue, the tabs fit that snugly into their slots.

40 images were taken of the build and then put together into a movie. Since that’s only about 2 seconds worth of images, the Stop-Motion software had to replicate each frame about 15 times to make a useful movie.

First subsystem complete!

With help from our able beaked assistant Livingstone, this build may only take weeks instead of days….

Marbles were falling off the track and we just couldn’t see what was going wrong. Time to bring in the slow motion and find the problem!

With the fix in place, the machine now works perfectly!