August 1, 2023

Wow! This was an exciting day! 1st we got hit with an incredibly active thunderstorm, then we did Beef Kabobs on our new Weber Genesis 2 E-435 grill. Wow! It took us all day Saturday to assemble it and we hooked it up to the house propane on Sunday morning. We didn’t document the very first dish we grilled for Sunday brunch, one of Bill’s favorites from Korea, Pulkogi (literal translation: fire meat). We’ll do that next time we make it!

The big beast! The grey hose on the right side is part of what Weber calls “The Bulk LP kit”. It lets us use the house propane instead of a small tank that we’d have to fill up again and again. The grill regulator that Weber provides actually reduces the propane tank pressure to the industry standard 11” water column (about 2 psi) pressure which is the same as the huge house regulator does.

Weber’s bulk LP kit included the grey hose and both sides of the quick disconnect. We had to provide everything else. Our plumber, Kory, doesn’t do anything small, so we had a 3/4” male normal pipe thread to start from. We were able to find the reducing street elbow and the 1/2” to 3/8” adapter, and the 3/8” nipple. It passed the soap test, no bubbles! 

With only 3 parts this definitely doesn’t count as MacGyvering it! (we’re finally watching the show now and it is really neat!).

Here’s what happened this afternoon. Continuous thunder and lightning! Yep, absolutely no breaks in the noise! The hummers still managed to make it up!

A much nicer bit of excitement! This is the mise en place for beef kebobs. We use the Cook’s Illustrated recipe Gas-Grilled Beef Kebabs.

Here are all the assembled skewers, ready to go onto the grill!

Starting the grilling. We waited till after dark so we wouldn’t bother the hummers, so this is just lit by our job site light. We don’t have a permanent, weather proof outside light yet. We get smoke from a gas grill by putting wood chunks on what Weber calls the Flavorizer bars.

Finished grilling!

A better look at the perfectly grilled result in the kitchen.

In spite of his skepticism earlier, this dish is Livingstone approved! You can see that we add a topping from Rodizio, a Brazilian steakhouse at table. Their topping is garlic sautéed in olive oil with parmesan cheese added when it comes off the heat.

We always have music at dinner. What’s playing is Renaissance’s Things I Don't Understand from their Turn of the Cards Album.