July 13, 2023

Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve visited Fruition! It’s in North Cherry Creek in Denver. One of the odd things about Denver is that the Cherry Creek neighborhood is not easily accessible. You can only get there by surface streets, so we don’t visit it frequently.

Well, they did not make it easy! Martin finally decided to start with the Melon Salad with a golden tomato gazpacho “dressing”. Bill went with the Fettuccini all Chitarra

The salad is gorgeous with flowers on top. There’s feta cheese and pistachios. A whole palette of flavors in a single dish. The contrast of the melon and crunchy pistachio is delightful. The “dressing” was really good!

The Fettuccini is Simply awesome! Incredibly rich, a full flavored sauce, with the mushroom very much in front. The corn is very bright and really works well.

Bill wins the starter course!

Martin had to try the Scallops for his main course. He had them put the braised fennel on the side, being skeptical of something that strong on scallops. The tomato bisque was really bright and paired perfectly with the scallops. The toasted fregola pasta was a nice pairing.

Martin says we tied on this course.

Bill’s porcini rubbed steak is fantastic, the porcini is really forward enhancing the strip nicely. The Chinese broccoli demonstrates that broccoli and Brussels sprouts really are in the Brassicaceae or Cruciferous family. It is right between the two!

Bill gives his steak the win.

We both did the Chocolate Pot de Crème with chantilly cream and chocolate pearls for dessert. Who can say no to chocolate? Absolutely silky smooth and not excessively sweet, just right. We love the crunchy little pearls! Chantilly cream is just cream with vanilla and a touch of sugar whipped.

Our waiter was Erick and he did an awesome job.