July 14, 2023

It’s good to be well instrumented! We have a 2 channel recording thermometer from Thermoworks that we used to log the HVAC cold supply air and the room temp in the office. We noticed the supply air temperature was showing odd, short high temp spikes.

The red line is the room air temp in the office. The yellow is the supply air temp from the HVAC condenser. You can see the yellow supply air temperature’s short high temp spikes (click for full-sized picture) from July 8th to July 11th.

That meant that the compressor was turning itself off frequently, which should not happen. So, we called our HVAC guy, Morgan, from St. Vrain Mechanical, LLC.  (no website) and he came out on July 11th and found that the compressor was fine, but the coils had been used by spiders as a new home because of all the rain we’ve had this year. After pulling mats of spider webs off and washing all the mud off, voilà, back to normal, with only thermostat driven shutdowns when the house gets cool enough.