July 27, 2023

Time to mention our favorite restaurant in Lyons - Marigold. This is a truly amazing place, believe it or not, it is in the same league as Frasca! Yep, in tiny, little, Lyons, we’ve got a place this good.

The menu is small, but everything on it is wonderful! Tonight, we both had their really neat interpretation of Caesar salad, Martin had the monkfish, Bill had the rigatoni. That lazy Martin didn’t get a picture of the rigatoni, but it was perfect! The desserts aren’t on the menu, the wait staff just describe them, we both had the chocolate mousse and Martin had extra crunchy bits added.

Here is the “Caesar” salad. It is the very heart of a romaine head, with a fairly anchovy forward caesar dressing, dill, some crunchy bits and other wonderful things on top. Here Martin has prepared the right one by slicing off the tip of the base, so all the leaves can now be pulled apart and nibbled on one by one. You can’t rush through this!

Martin’s monkfish, yep he finally decided to try it and Wow! it really is the “Poor Man’s Lobster”. Absolutely perfect with the smokey borlotti bean ragù. The ragù was amazing, smokey, spicy and sharp with some vinegar, I’d guess.

The chocolate mousse with crunchy bits on top. This is a very smooth, more pudding than traditional stiff mousse and again, just WOW! A truly wonder finish to a great night.