June 8, 2023

After almost 2 inches of rain in the last week, everything is turning green and flowering! The wildflowers are going a bit crazy!

The landscapers did use mostly native plants. These are Colorado’s state flower, the Rocky Mountain Columbine. As you can see this plant is going to keep flowering for a while, look at all the unopened flowers that it’s got ready-to-go!

Here’s an upclose look from both sides. I’m finally trying out the Lightbox effect in these two. Just click to zoom them up to full size.

These were also put in by the landscapers, but I can’t find the plant plan at the moment, so I don’t know what they are.

These two are actual volunteers, they’re natural. In the red one is a honey bee.

An overall shot to the south from the west side of the place. Here you can see that everything is green. Even the lichens on the rock have been washed clean so you can see that they’re green too! The landscapers did a “phase in” from all native on the right, to mixed in the middle, to all landscaped near the house.