2020 Construction Navigation Page.   

January 2020

    3rd - Utility trench backfill and some catchup documentation.  

    3rd - Fire cistern and driveway blast  

    16th - First upper floor framing, propane tanks, fire cistern. 

    23rd - More upper floor framing, propane tanks backfilled  

    30th - Upper Moment frame, Office framing, framers raising a wall 

February 2020

    19th - Upper Level Framing and Plow Truck.  

    27th - Roof steel, Garage framing the crane whose outrigger Martin ran into 

March 2020

    5th - Roof Structure and Slopeable/Skewable Rafter Hangers 

    12th - Great Room joists, first electrical and Pine Grosbeaks 

April 2020

    2nd - The parapet walls, incredibly dense clouds and ice crystals!  

    11th - The La Cantina Doors are on site and the membrane roof   

    30th - Stair Mockup, pool tile and outside drains

May 2020

    12th - Septic field sand base and pool coping  

    21st - First Lunch at the Views! Under Soffit wood

June 2020

    4th - Lower floor ready for concrete and septic system   

    11th - The last steel beam and the windows arrive!   

July 2020

    July 23, 2020 - Start of Mechanical   

September 2020

    September 24, 2020 - In-floor Heating