Cabinets are an important part of the house and getting them just right is a daunting challenge for those of us who are color challenged. Martin’s entire wardrobe is black and white! He has about zero taste in color, so the interior designer had to maintain the modern without a lot of input.

The first idea was a really stark, almost pure white kitchen.

Fortunately, we ran across this picture and it was immediately obvious that this approach was simply too extreme

A trip to Tharp Custom Cabinetry was needed to pick a warmer cabinet. After a lot of looking at samples, we and our interior designer agreed that Hickory was the way to go. We may be color challenged, but we don’t like fakes, so the whitewash option was rejected and the natural finish seen here was selected. The variability of the grain should contrast nicely with the very uniform countertops, wall and floors.

Here’s how the under counter cabinets might look. Our cabinets, in keeping with the modernistic appearance desired will be completely plain.