From time to time, we tried to shoot a panorama from the same spot that the original, before anything at all happened, was shot.

The original with the rock that will be just to the north of the driveway in the red circle and a couple of trees that will be just to the south of it in the yellow circle

September, 5th, 2019

This was shot a bit farther south and east than the original. The rock has a pile of special material at it’s base and many trees have been removed. Believe it or not, the trees circled in yellow are the same ones as the 1st panorama.

That’s Goldberry, the Range Rover 2017 Discovery at the left of the shot.

October 23, 2019

This was shot from almost the same location as the first one, just a bit further south and west. The piles of material have been removed from around the big rock at the north.

December 19, 2019

This was shot from the office cantilever, far to the east of the previous ones. It starts at the left looking north to the garage, pans to the east and finishes looking south.