More work on the upper level framing and the first few roof joists are in as well. We’re now proud owners of a plow truck too! The contractor had to have one to keep things moving. You can’t bring, e.g., a crane up with much more than inch of snow on the road!

In the foreground, to the left of the steel beams are some of the roof joists. I think that the beams are the W10 x 54s for the great room roof. at the far right, you can see the clerestory windows on the sides of the great room.

The business end of the plow truck. The plow is fairly new.

The truck is a 1999 Ford F250 with a V10 engine and is in really good shape. The contractor did all the work of finding it, purchasing it and getting it on site! All we had to do was wire the money. Ah, the life of the rich and famous would be easy to get used to…

The windows are now completely framed, so you can get a real feel for what the views will be like. This is looking southeast from the east master bedroom

Looking due south from the east master bedroom. That diagonal is just temporary bracing.

A detail of the west master bedroom roof. The long joists are kept from moving by all the short blockers in between them. This set of blockers are also part of the eves.

Yes, the intrepid framing crew is working in the snow today! Looking due east from the east master bedroom The snow falling in front of the trees looked really neat, but the only way to capture these things is with a video!