Our first lunch at The Views! Also a look at the wood for the bottom of the soffits and what the framing crew had to do to safely install it.

Simple salami and Miracle Whip for Bill, salami and provolone with Whole Foods Creamy Italian Vinaigrette with Romano Cheese for Martin. As the Real Estate types say - location, location, location! Because of that, this was one of our best lunches ever😉!

This is the Thermory material that will be used under the soffits. We think its one of their spruces, but we’re not quite sure which one.

Later note - it’s actually their Scots Pine cladding C19, but as noted on the Soffit wood page in the Design section it sure doesn’t look like it!

The framers built this temporary scaffolding all along the north and east sides of the house, since the ground below is so steep that you have to dig a bit to place a ladder.