The plumber has completed laying down the in-floor heating pipes. There are 8 zones: 

Upper Level

    Great Room & Kitchen

    East Master Suite 

    West Master Suite


    Mechanical + Laundry + Mudroom + Hallway + Entry

Lower Level

    Pool Room + Pool Guest Bath + Sauna area 

    North Guest bedroom + South Guest bedroom + Jack and Jill half bath

    Hall + Grotto ceiling + Mechanical Room 

Since there are so many photos documenting all of this plumbing, this page has to be done differently. By clicking on the various rooms in the floor plans below, you can go to the photos for that room. The Grotto and Lower level mechanical room don’t have any in-floor heat. That’s because they don’t have any windows and all the in-floor heat supply and return lines run thru their ceilings. Therefore they do have documentation photos.