9/24/2020 Lower Level In-Floor heating

Grotto and Lower Mechanical room.

Hallway to Grotto and the Pool room shower at the left.

Grotto south wall looking south. That hole in the concrete wall was originally going to be the required crawl space access hatch. Once the Grotto door was cut, the plumber grabbed it to get the in-floor tubes from the lower level to the boiler in the upper level mechanical room.

Ceiling of the grotto on the south side. The pool room tubes are at the top in the bundle with the green tubes. The guest area tubes are the all  white bundle at the bottom.

Ceiling of the grotto on the north side and the lower mechanical room. The pipe with the gauge on it is just temporary for the pressure test. Those tubes will go up thru the ceiling of the lower mechanical and connect to the boiler in the upper mechanical room. The two mechanical rooms are above and below each other.