This day will take two pages! There’s a bit of catch up. Then, the utility trench water line, power conduits, propane line and telephone and data conduit are in and the trench is being backfilled. Then, the fire cistern and the driveway blasts occurred.

The upper level floor underneath the fireplace gets two sets of quadrupled up micro lam beams. This would allow the fireplace and chimney structure to weigh up to 3,000 lbs. It’s actually going to be a lot less, since it’s not masonry.

These are the big anchor bolts that tie the W16 x 50s at the bottom of the moment frame to the reinforced concrete footers. These bolts are 3/4” x 10”, which makes them a special order item, since 3/4” is only commonly stocked to 8” length. 12 of them are required.

This is view of the utility trench looking south. It starts just this side of track hoe, at the well head, goes past the electrical pole, the propane tanks and ends at the south side of the two car garage, next to the house.

Here’s the trench at the propane tanks. The yellow hose will take propane at about 10 psi up to the house, where it will be regulated down to the standard 12” of water pressure. It’s protected by the small grey conduit. We can also see the two big 3” power conduits, the dark blue high pressure water line that goes to the well, the 3/4” dark grey conduit for the well power line and the higher grey 1” conduit for the phone/data.

The final two things are now in place. The yellow arrow points to the tracer wire. A signal generator will energize this so that a detector can be used to exactly locate all of these conduits and lines. The yellow tape will be pulled up above the safe fill, warning a future excavator that he’s getting close to these conduits and lines.

The excavator has filled the first 10’ - 15’ of trench when this movie starts. As the excavator moves, you can see that the walls of this part of the trench are solid rock, nothing is displaced by the weight of the machine!

A continuation of the 1st movie.

Now the machine has gotten really close to where Martin was shooting from, so you get an up close look at it! At this point the trench walls are not solid rock quite all the way up, so some loose material is displaced by the machine.