July 2023

    1st - Broiled Steak and Brussels Sprouts

    4th - Torrential rain at the rate of 4” per hour!

    13th - Fruition!

    14th - HVAC Fixed

    14th - Magical Clouds

    15th - Hail and Hummers!   

    21st - Rainbow!

    24th - More wall feeders and Hummer in the House!

    27th - Marigold in Lyons

August 2023

    1st - Continuous thunder, New Grill, and Beef Kebabs! 

    6th - Custardy French Toast!

    7th - Prime Rib on the Rotisserie!

    16th - Stella’s Cucina!

    26th - Sloping Cloud Deck

September 2023

    4th - Nice sunny day with enough wind to show off the flag

    6th - Smoke from Canada and Alaska   

    18th - Fast Sauté of Beef for Two

    27th - Our first time at a Michelin Star Restaurant!    

October 2023

    24th - Dramatic Sunrise!

    27th - Spiderweb in ice

November 2023

    1st - The Mother Ship?  

    2nd - Contrails and Clouds  

    3rd - Sunrise!  

    14th - Bill's Birthday with Chef Dane Bellamy

   17th - A Sea of Clouds

December 2023

    4th - A sky full of Clouds

    4th - Bramble & Hare Cellar Celebration featuring Onions!   

    5th - Serious Eats Cassoulet!    

    8th - Intense Snow!

    11th - Bramble & Hare Bookcliff Dinner!   

    11th - Livingstone enjoying a Christmas frond.

    13th - Inside the Clouds!

    20th - Atmos Clock!!!  

    25th - Christmas!

    25th - Food & Wine’s Deep-Dish All-American Cinnamon Apple Pie

    31st - New Year’s Beef Wellington dinner.