Life At The Views 2023 index page

January 2023

     2nd - Ice Fog and Crystals

    10th - Start of Website reorg

    12th - First lasagna at The Views!

    19th - Snow Blowing off the roof

    21st - Black Cat at Bookcliff

    22nd - Ominous Clouds on the Horizon

    30th - Automation Project Page 1 - 1st switches & soffit lights

    30th - Automation Project Page 2 - Cutting Stone

    30th - Automation Project Page 3 - Switches and Home App

    30th - Automation Project Page 4 - Upper Mechanical & T9s


February 2023

    2nd - Chili in the slow cooker and Livingstone QCing the onions

    21st - Amazing Sun Rise, two shots 6 minutes apart

    26th - Brunch at the Brown Palace, in and around 2nd story ballroom


March 2023

April 2023

    14th - Springtime in the Rockies, 70° yesterday, snow today

May 2023

    15th - Kitchen Exhaust Hood Makeup air duct

    20th - Testifying on the Clean Car Rule

    22nd - Smoke from Canadian forest fires

3D Tourbillon

    April 5th - Start of Build

    May 31st - Build Complete

June 2023

    8th - Wildflowers!

    19th - Broadtail hummer and Noisy Insects

July 2023

    1st - Broiled Steak and Brussels Sprouts

    4th - Torrential rain at the rate of 4” per hour!

    13th - Fruition!

    14th - HVAC Fixed

    14th - Magical Clouds

    15th - Hail and Hummers!

    24th - More wall feeders and Hummer in the House!

    27th - Marigold in Lyons

August 2023

    1st - Continuous thunder, New Grill, and Beef Kebabs!

    6th - Custardy French Toast!

    7th - Prime Rib on the Rotisserie!

    16th - Stella’s Cucina!

    26th - Sloping Cloud Deck

September 2023

    4th - Nice sunny day with enough wind to show off the flag

    6th - Smoke from Canada and Alaska