The fire cistern and the driveway blasts. The driveway is too high on the north side for proper drainage, but the excavator hit solid rock and couldn’t dig it down to the proper height. That’s about to be fixed! Martin got to shoot these two.

The fire cistern is on the south side of the driveway. Here we can see the holes for the blast.

The driveway blast holes. As you can hear the driller describe them in one of the movies, these are 4’ deep, but only loaded with 1 pound of explosive each, since the house structure and utility trench are so close.

We shot these using the iPhone X’s slow motion feature. Sigh, we should have been doing this all along . To keep small debris from being thrown around, a couple of blast mats were placed on top of the shot.

The same shot at normal speed.

The driveway shot in slow motion. You can see how the minimally loaded holes don’t lift anything into the air. Unfortunately for the excavator, there will be some really large boulders left, since there’s not enough energy to really break the rock up.

The driveway shot at normal speed.

The aftermath of the fire cistern blast. One of the blast mats didn’t get thrown clear!

The aftermath of the driveway blast, With just the gentle heave at the surface, nothing was damaged!