The upper part of the moment frame is up, the east and west great room walls are framed and more upper level framing is done.

The overall great room from the hall by the office. You can see the “kick up” of the roof and the quadrilateral openings for the south end of the great room’s clerestory windows.

Looking due south at the great room. We’ll revisit the wall lying flat in the foreground shortly.

A little closer look at the upper part of the moment frame

Here you can see that the actual fastening of the moment frame to the wall isn’t done yet. There isn’t any real problem, that ratchet strap is plenty strong! You can get a feel for just how big those W16 x 50 verticals are.

A detail of one of the rectangular clerestory windows. There will be a band of these all the way around the north side of the Great Room where the roof is flat.

The office is now completely framed. We’re looking into it from the hall

Wow! I’m not sure how we’ll get any work done in this office! Those views are simply amazing!

Here’s that revisit of the bit of wall lying flat that was promised!