Again just a few details. Things have been going slowly because of the complex preparations for the lower floor concrete pour. 

The septic leach field was blasted and excavated a while ago, now the membrane to prevent it leaking down the slope to the south is in and the layer of sand in the bottom is mostly done. The pool coping is also stamped and ready for sealing.

Here’s an overall look at the leach field. The membrane on the right prevents the field from leaking thru the relatively thin “dam” of earth and stone to the south. The vertical pipe is the cleanout that we saw previously.

A close up. The leach field will be built on top of this sand. It consists of PVC pipe that’s perforated on the bottom.

An overall look at the coping. That’s the finished height of the lower level.

The southwest corner up close lets us see the pattern that’s stamped into the coping.