Life At The Views 2024 index page

January 2024

    2nd - Atmos Clock is keeping Good Time!

    7th - Documenting how the Nonogram Solver should work

    9th - Winds got Fierce!

    10th - Zingerman’s Christmas Present Cheese Part Two

    14th - A day with no high☹️

    15th - Boiler and Clothes Drier exhaust in extreme cold      

    17th & 18th HVAC upgrade

    20th - Unbelievable Sunrise

    21st - Hoping for another Great Sunrise

    24th - Filets Mignons with Asparagus and Garlic-Herb Butter

    26th - Cheese Importers!

    28th - Brunch with Custardy French Toast and Splashes

February 2024

    4th - Clouds Showing off!

    11th - Knapps over for dinner!

    14th - Deer

    15th - The Clouds are always different…

    15th - Acoustic Eidolon at Nissi’s!

    20th - Livingstone Likes Ice Cream!

    20th - Testifying at Midstream Greenhouse gas reduction session

    22th - Horology

    25th - Pet Hurricane got loose

    26th - Eileen’s Challenge was Accepted!

    26th - Pepin’s Sausage Bouillabaisse

March 2024

    7th - Testifying before Colorado House Energy & Environment

    14th - Heavy Snow and wind

    15th - After the Storm

    18th - Sloppy Joes Semma 

    19th & 22nd - Turkeys!!

    20th - Testifying against SB-165

    27th - Tom Turkey Gobbling  

Aprile 2024

    1st - Clouds moving East and West!

    6th & 7th - Power outage!