8/20/2019 part 2

The foundation crew got the south end forms all straight and ready, so that’s where they started.

It’s now 7:00 AM. The pour has been going on for a while now. Strings are being wrapped up and the rulers are coming out. This is actually quite a precise operation. A bit later on we’ll see just how precise!

It’s now 7:15 AM and a very important part of the pour is happening here. To make sure there are no air pockets, the concrete must be vibrated and that’s what these two are doing. The motor stays on top - its where the power cord goes. The vibrator itself is the silver metal end of the black hose.

It’s now 8:28 AM and the pour is now close enough to us to really see it! The orange box is the remote control of the pumper truck. The vibrator crew is now behind the pour a bit, but they’ll catch up as the concrete trucks take a little time to be swapped out.

It’s now 8:35 AM. Remember that I mentioned at the start of this page that we’d see how precise an operation this is? In this video you’ll see up to 3 people with tape measures and I pan back so you can see the theodolite operator signaling to the people on the forms whether their section of wall is high, low or correct.

It’s now 9:12 AM. A really up close look at pouring. The gaps at the bottom of the walls occur when the structural engineer has determined that section of wall is carrying so little load that it doesn’t need to bear on a footer.