The wall pour! A big day, with 98 cubic yards of concrete being poured today! At about 4,000 pounds or 2 tons per yard that’s about 196 tons of concrete. It took a dozen trucks to deliver this much.  This page is the first of two, we took a lot of movies and pictures.

Arriving at the site, we parked a long ways down the road so Goldberry, our Land Rover 2017 Discovery was well out of the way! Just the pumper truck was on site. It’s 6:20 in the morning!

Sunrise! The forms aren’t quite complete, the foundation crew will be doing some touch up work.

A panorama of the whole site, looking east, so north is at the left and south is at the right. That black line at the top right is the flexible hose at the end of the concrete pumper’s boom.

The first truck arrives at 6:39 AM!

Ah ha! This is why I wasn’t clear when I was taking the movie - they were spotting the first truck much further to the right than I expected, because they needed to have two trucks loading at the same time to keep the pumper supplied.