The weekly On site meeting and we get to see the finished result of yesterday’s shotcreting!

Material for the west upper level west floor has arrived.

These LVLs are made by Roseburg

These framers do the exact leveling of the sill plates a little differently. Instead of using piles of metal shims, they use various thicknesses of particle board. This means that there are no large gaps to fill when it comes to sealing the sill plates, like there would be with metal shims. Only small amounts of sealer (on the outside to prevent insect infiltration) and polyurethane foam will be needed. The particle board isn’t perfect, however, as you can see in the video…

The promised look at the completed shotcrete. You can also see how the protective structure’s posts were lifted and place on spreaders. It was amazingly warm in there, probably 75° - 80° degrees, when the local air temperature was in the mid 30°s! The shotcrete, is a very strong concrete mix and throws off a lot of heat as it cures.