We didn’t quite make it up in time for this one, some missed messages and we were about 15 minutes late. The blaster shot a good movie for us.

The framers have also been busy, finishing the upper level’s floor.

One of the framers shot this. It shows how the shots are placed to blast a narrow trench - alternating on each side of the trench.

The shot is 29 holes, on alternate sides,  from the right of the power pole to the well.

Here’s the perviously blasted part of the trench, with some conduit already placed in the foreground. Today’s blast, as you could see from the movie, started just this side of the power pole and goes to just this side of the far trees.

Here’s where the utilities enter the house, at the south end of the two car garage.

The ZIP system is what will be used to sheath the house, since the high winds would make short work of a house wrap system.

The completed upper level floor. The staircase will be in that hole in the middle.