5/29/2019 Wednesday

At last some good news on the well. The well people finally got a measure of the static level and it’s at 490 feet! 1,000 feet up from the bottom of the well.

Today was the 2nd pool shot. You can’t go some 12 feet deep in one go accurately. So the pool was done in 2 lifts.

Here’s the pool at about 6’ deep, with the holes drilled and loaded. It was so wet, after a lot of rain, that the usual ANFO lift charges couldn’t be used. They dissolve in water. This whole shot had to be loaded with sticks of 60% dynamite.

One of our occasional visitors - a rather bold fox!

The shot! The blasters were working late! This is just before 8:00 PM.

The aftermath. In spite of what the video looked like, very little material was actually thrown out of the hole. Mostly these blasts just “foam” the rock.