The weather is starting to cause problems. It’s been cold and we’ve had several snowy days that prevented work. We were in the clouds today. As we drove up, we entered the bottom of the clouds at about 5,700 feet. 

The guest bedrooms on the lower floor are mostly framed. The sunken tub in the eastern master bedroom has brought up a question on how to handle the change in ceiling elevation in the lower level Jack & Jill bathroom.

Steel for some of the long spans is starting to arrive and a lot of the laminated veneer lumber (LVL) for the upper level floor is on site as well. That’s one of the framer’s speakers on the end of that beam - can’t build a house without music!

With this shot showing how long the beams are, we might be able to figure out which ones these are. Using the amazing power of 20/20 hindsight, it’s obvious that Martin should have measured them!

The LVLs are really long - pretty much the full length of the garage, about 35’!

An overview of the lower level guest bedroom framing. A couple of steel beams are already in place.

The Grotto gets a steel beam to support the LVLs over it.

An interesting detail - the small square is the chase for the radon pipe, the white one in the left front.