The Grotto floor and part of the lower floor concrete pour. This was an 18 cubic yard pour.

The Grotto is almost ready, they’re putting up heavy felt boards around the slab to allow the slab to move independently of the foundation walls. Since this will eventually be used as a wine cellar, the floor is not heated.

The guest bedrooms, the pool shower, the hallway to The Grotto and part of the sauna are prepped. These floors are heated, therefor 2” foam insulation goes under the concrete. The area that isn’t insulated is the load bearing wall over the footer.

Here you can see that today’s pour stops at about half-way thru the sauna.

All that yellow plastic is what the felt boards come in.

Since there is going to be another pour, the forms where the next pour will be joined to this pour have to be oiled to ensure a clean release of the form boards.

Here’s a close-up of the pour over the footer. The rebar in the footer has been bent over into the floor slab.

These concrete trucks are a bit bigger than any that have been up before. They can hold 12 cubic yards! On these slopes they can still be loaded to 9 cubic yards, so that only 2 trucks were needed for today’s 18 yard pour.

It’s now a 10:08 AM. The concrete pumper arrives!

The concrete pumper getting set up.