This week’s on site meeting was not the usual! We had to drive up thru the clouds to get up to the site.

Right as we got there, we were still in the clouds and they were thick!

The frost was so thick, that as the sun warmed up the trees you could hear ice and water drops hitting the ground!

Then, the cloud tops started dropping and we were in a wonderland above them…

Now, we’re completely above the cloud tops. That is not snow that we’re looking at. This is looking due east and those are the cloud tops that actually sloped up to the top of the hogback. The thin cuts in the garage floor are called control joints. They control where the inevitable cracks in the concrete will occur.

Looking South East. It was a perfectly calm day, so the cloud tops weren’t rippled at all.

Here’s a shot I took a week later, on a clear sunny day so you can get a bit of feel for why we were so amazed by being above the clouds!

Decided that the only way to get even close to capturing the amazing feeling was to shoot a video! Starting talking too soon, what I said at the very beginning of the clip was “The only way to capture…”