The Grotto’s retaining walls have been poured and the lower floor drains and radon removal vent are in place.

Here’s that big piece of the mountain protruding into The Grotto. This is what makes this an artificial cave.

The back side, as you can see, it’s not just a rock, it is part of the mountain. You can also see the short joining wall that makes sure the tall wall to it’s left (north) won’t move when some backfill is placed agains it.

The short retaining wall on the north side of The Grotto from the inside.

This set of drains is a mystery to us at the moment.

The drain in the box is the guest shower drain, the one to the right and in front is the guest lavatory drain. The big white pipe in the gravel is the radon vent. You have to look closely to see that the radon vent is placed in clean, washed gravel.

The pool’s main drain. This isn’t part of the pool’s circulation system, its the drain that goes underneath the pool. This was difficult to place because it had to go in at the very beginning, before even the footers were poured. This is what’s called a drain to daylight, it will have several more PVC pipes with holes in them joined to it and all the water collected that seeps under the pool will just go down the side of the mountain.