Martin had an idea about the new space on the lower level being opened up. Since we’re not filling the space under the office, laundry and mudroom, why not use it? He thought about not putting a complete wall on the west, but incorporating the solid pink rock formation to form a grotto. Fänas really like the idea.

The photos show the black damp proofing coating has now been completely applied.

The damp proofing covers the top as well as a bit of the inside, to make sure that water is forced to go down to the french drain that goes completely around the house at the level of the 24” footer. This drain is a multipart system of 4” perforated PVC pipe and water-permeable landscaping fabric.

The crawl space under the west master bedroom didn’t get coated on the inside for some reason. Once I find out, I’ll put the reason here.