We can finally see where the split occurred. Right at the start of this movie, the first of the codominant trunks, that big stub on the right side at the top, has been almost completely removed. The split happened between that stub and the trunk that’s still there.

Done with the Cherry picker. It was interesting to watch the operator fly it over the neighbors tree to put it away.

It’s now 1:42 PM. Yes, believe it or not, the entire tree was brought down in less than half an hour!

The section that’s being rolled is the very bottom most section that the arborists could safely cut. If you go any lower, you risk hitting rocks that the tree grew around. You can see that the split goes all the way thru this section.

You can see the split clearly in the section where the codominate trunks began.

Just starting to break the section apart by hand. There was no strength left.

Here it is, split apart. Those small black flecks are earwig bugs. They like to nest in damp safe areas. The very dark wood has rotted.

You can see the earwigs and the rot more clearly here.

Finally, even at the very base of the trunk, the very beginning of the split and the rot can be seen. There was no way to save this tree, not even by using the exotic technique of arbortecture.