July 15, 2020 

A real treat tonight at Frasca! They’ve just had their first book, Friuli Food and Wine, published and they’ve created an amazing series of dinners to celebrate. We managed to get reservations for the first of the three and a six course extravaganza awaited.

Here’s what is being celebrated on the left and tonight’s menu on the right.

Our table was close by Frasca’s amazing glass fronted wine cellar.

Here’s the very start, with a small focaccia and a surprising cocktail of cognac, apricot eau de vie, fig, sirs vinegar and lemon. Summer in a glass!

The truffled Frico Aperto (means open) is amazing! The truffle comes thru just a bit, but mostly does the usual black truffle thing of making the dish bigger.

Stuzzicchini: frico pops

Sigh, Martin and photographing wine bottles is problematic. The sparkling Ribella Gialla is dry and like drinking early spring!

The Frico pops are wonderfully presented (and wonderfully tasty😉) Parmesan crisps.

Antipasto : Fiore di Zucca Ripiena

The Ronco del Gnemiz had citrus and strawberry notes that were perfect in clearing the palate. Almost like starting the dish anew!

Primo : Fuzi Alla Buzara

Fiora de zucca is flowers of zucchini stuffed with ricotta cheese. The sauce the stuffed blossoms are in is what the chef described as a zucchini skin, shallot and garlic sauce. A surprising and delightful treat.

Edi kante is a big bold white that completes the dish with minerally lime notes on the nose and a rich bright summer flavor.

Fuzi Alla Bucaramanga - the introduction is an almost overwhelming brew of garlic, tomato, lobster and herbs. A well rounded rich melding of sea and sun that simply draws you in and insists that you pay attention to nothing else!

Secondo : Arista di Maiale

Petrossa Russo is a really, really big Merlot, just what’s needed to stand up to the dish. It has a rose note, quite unusual for a merlot.

Berkshire pork loin. The pork is amazingly rich, when you add in the peach and the grilled radicchio the combination of earthy pork, smoke and bright peach is unbelievable. The peach tried really hard to steal the show.

Dolce : Semifreddo

This dish would be almost impossible to pair a wine with! Dolce Semifreddo Hazelnut and raspberry is an incredible combination. The final course kept up with the rest of the dinner. Turning the raspberries into a coulis concentrated them into a pure blast of raspberry!

That’s a bit of gold foil on top.