January 26, 2020 Bacon and Onion Tart for brunch

This is an interesting dish, not too difficult and definitely brunch. It comes from the January, 2007 issue of one of our favorite magazines - Cook’s Illustrated. They are definitely cooking for engineers! If you’ve got a subscription to the web site the recipe is here.

First thing to do is weigh the flour into the food processor bowl, cut the butter into cubes and prep a bit of ice water.

This is a very buttery crust! This is all of the cubes and the flour in the food processor bowl.

Let’s see how much water is needed to get the dough to pull together.

The dough does come together quite nicely.

That doesn’t mean that it’s exactly easy to form it into the tart pan! These irregularities don’t matter because it smooths out during the baking.

The tart crust is ready for baking. It’s been in the freezer for 30 minutes and is now weighted down for its first bake. While it was freezing, we started on the filling.

Done with baking the crust. Its got a nice bit of browning so it won’t get soggy while the filling is baking.

On to the filling! The onions are just sliced, but the outer rings are too big, so the final cut is about half way thru the onion.

That won’t be too much onion once its sautéed!

While Martin was prepping the onions, Bill was sizzling up the bacon. We got more than needed, so we could stave off starvation with some snacks!

Bacon is parrot approved!

Cream, however is not! Ok, this bird is weird, but then all parrots are.

Eggs in a bowl are the best toys ever!

Ready for the final bake! The filling is still pretty wet.

Out of the oven, the filling is fairly firm now.

You can see how the crust puffed up and just how firm that filling is! The onions aren’t forward at all, they support the bacon, which is the real star of the show!