October 14, 2020 

We celebrated some amazing gains in our stock market accounts tonight at Frasca.

We started with an amuse-bouche which was a potato and leek soup with the potato being very forward . Very very rich and perfectly seasoned

Their amazing focaccia, with lots of great olive oil on top forming an extra crispy crust. Martin will have to try hydrating the Cook’s Illustrated recipe a bit more to see if we can get something like this incredible open texture.

The Frico Aperto Nero tonight stressed the soft cheese more than usual, a very nice and different rendition. When they put the black truffles on, they only sauté it on one side. They leave the top soft so that the truffles can permeate the whole dish.

The wine had stone fruit, some berry and a bit of soft tannin. It worked quite well with all the dishes.

It was a bold enough red to need decanting to open it up.

Bill’s stuffed quail with foie gras sausage was very rich and interesting. The slightly bitter frisée contrasted nicely with the richness of the dish.

Martin’s tuna was an amazingly complex dish The small red tomatoes confit were cooked just a bit in olive oil to soften them, they were still extremely bright and a neat contrast to the tuna and endive.

Bill’s spinach pasta with pork ragù bolognese was rich and had some melted cherry tomatoes for brightness.

Martin’s lobster pasta was simply bursting with lobster and the bread crumbs on top were VERY crunchy and a really neat contrast to the al dente pasta

The steak had a truly amazingly crust, well balanced pepper and other herbs. The bone marrow is meltingly soft and luxurious in texture. The smashed potatoes raise the common steak and potatoes to a far more exalted level.The au jus and vinegar were just what was needed to really complete the dish.

The dessert was chocolate baba. The salted Carmel sauce with chocolate pearls was amazing and brought the dish together. The gelato was rich, creamy and silky smooth. The chocolate brioche was light and airy, a nice contrast to the rich gelato and sauce.