September 22, 2019

When we make Lasagna, we make a lot! About 16 pounds! Why so much? It turns out that lasagna freezes just about perfectly and our own is much better than anything you can buy. The recipe is from one of our favorite magazines - Fine Cooking #44 Lasagna: Make 3, Freeze 2.

To give you an idea of the quantities involved, here’s the cottage cheese mix. We use cottage cheese because it has more flavor and isn’t as dry as ricotta. 

There’s 2 pounds of cottage cheese and 1.5 cups of finely grated parmesan in it.

The basil.

It really doesn’t take much longer to chiffonade about a half a cup of basil than it does to do just a few tablespoons!

That is a 6 quart dutch oven, so we’ve got about a gallon of sauce simmering!

2.5 pounds of mozzarella before

and after.

Building the lasagna.

All but the one we had for brunch, labeled, double wrapped in plastic and ready for the freezer! Those are palisade peaches, it’s peach season!

Livingstone needs to get cleaned up for brunch! Watch out for water flying everywhere!

Livingstone approves this lasagna!