January 5, 2020 Brunch at Jill’s at the St. Julian in Boulder.

This is one of the premier brunches in the metro area. They aren’t as big as the Brown Palace, but their entrees tend to be a bit fancier. This one was really special because the pastry chef made a gingerbread house.

This is what the onyx feature normally looks like. We get this table occasionally, this is from March 1, 2015.

Ok, not really just a house, it is a gingerbread Palace!

The inside view of the palace. Yes, each table has an orchid!

A close up of the side nearest our table. That snowflake window in the middle is actually sugar that the pastry chef tempered and then scored to look like small panes of glass.

An overview of the brunch

Crawdad & Cod Fritter w/Black Beans Citrus slaw - this actually worked!

Seafood Paella - this is the only way to do Traditional Seafood Paella! Let someone else do it!

Creamy Shrimp Rigatoni w/Tomato & Asparagus - another neat dish!

Really, really good salads and amazing dressings The double boiler is the drawn butter for the king crab legs, which I managed to miss ☹️.

I think this is house smoked salmon, it’s just amazing!

I couldn’t get all of the ingredients for the omelets in the shot, but at the center, just to the right of the berries and melons, you can see some of them - bacon, corn, shrimp and on and on!

Somehow, they managed to find some really good cantaloupe even at this time of year.