February 28, 2021

We did brunch a couple of weeks ago at one of our favorite restaurants, La Merise and finished with their heavenly Crêpes Suzette. It had more orange punch to it than we thought possible, so it was time to see what we could do with the dish that we prepare from Fine Cooking - Clementine Crêpes Suzette.

We actually used Mandarins, since that’s all that was available. This turned out to be a wonderful choice, they are much more flavorful than the Clementines are. We were already half way to our goal!  Then we put a little extra Grand Marnier in the sauce, some more in the whipped cream and a big splash of orange extract in the sauce at the finish. That did the trick! 

We are definitely going to make Mandarin juice more often, it is addictive.

Here are the Mandarins, ready to be juiced. As you can see, these are really good, thin skinned ones. We got a lot of juice, 2 1/2 cups, out of the 3 lbs of them that we got. That’s about a 40% yield, which is really good.

Here’s our able beaked assistant Livingstone helping us improve our productivity with his detailed supervision!

Here’s the mise en place. The cream and egg mix for the crêpes in the measuring cup on the left, the flour and the browned butter on the right for the crêpes. The mandarin juice in the middle and the not shown honey are for the sauce.

The making of the batter. To keep this at least a little bit web friendly, we didn’t join the 3 cuts above into one giant movie.

Charging the whipped creamer.

The making of a crêpe!

The sauce.

This is what goes to table. All the crêpes have been folded into quarters and placed into the sauce.

Finishing the dish.

Livingstone likes syrupy bread! He’s quite the breadator.