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July 2018

    21st - The Maple Tree Problem spotted!  

August 2018

    13th - Maple tree with split visible as thin line of dying leaves

    15th - Maple Tree Removal part 1   

    15th - Maple Tree Removal part 2    

    15th - Maple Tree Removal part 3 

 May 2019

    16th - Tom’s House on the Road     

 June 2019

    7th - Tom’s House Starting up the Road  


September 2019

    22nd - Lasagna Day!     

November 2019

    28th - Thanksgiving Part 1 The Schedule and Mise en Place

    28th - Thanksgiving Part 2 Livingstone walks across Glass

    29th - The Ice Fog


December 2019

   27th - Frasca Truffle Dinner

    Christmas Presents - New Apple Power Mac Towers at looooong Last!     

January 2020

    5th - Jill’s Brunch     

    15th - Bringing Up Doxygen     

    15th - Why we need Doxygen     

    22nd - North Area Force Mains

    23rd - Black Cat at Bookcliff

    26th - The Bacon and Onion Tart

    30th - Massive Meatball Madness Part 1

    30th - Massive Meatball Madness Part 2

February 2020

    2nd - Brown Palace Brunch Part 1

    2nd - Brown Palace Brunch Part 2

    19th - Deep Dish Apple Pie

March 2020

    9th - A weeks worth of cooking. Wine Merchant Steak, Philly Cheesesteaks A dish from the 1950’s Chive and Cheese Potato Casserole      

    22nd - Paul Prudhomme’s Jazzy potato Soup