February 2, 2020 Brown Palace Hotel Brunch

The Brown Palace Brunch is a big subject! Too big for one web page. This first page will lightly cover the hotel itself. The brass, stained glass and incredibly detailed sandstone entrance tells us we’re in a special place! It was founded in 1892, and they’ve even got a brief history page

It was built before Denver had a municipal water system, so it even has it’s own artisanal well. I don’t have a good shot of the well log, which on display on the 1st floor. but when I do, I’ll add it to the page.

Here’s the main entrance. The stone is Arizona red sandstone.  I wonder why Frank E. Edbrooke didn’t use the red sandstone found all over Colorado, from Maroon Bells to the quarries around The Views?

The atrium at floor level. The Brown Palace is no ordinary hotel!

The roof of the atrium, 9 floors up - yes, it is indeed stained glass! The giant chandelier that’s normally here has been taken down, so we can finally get a perfect shot of the stained glass. The iPhone X did a pretty good job!

Here’s The Brown Palace’s own wall paper pattern today. They really modernized it!

Here was the pattern in 2009, this was taken with an iPhone 3G

Our waiter brought this picture of where we’ll be eating brunch. It dates back to close to the Hotel’s founding and shows the Egyptian style interior it originally had.