January 30, 2020 Massive Meatball Madness - Frying, Dining and Freezing.

Time to get things hot!

The first pan is going, the second is just about ready.

Both pans are going

Flipping the meat balls.

Down to 68 of ‘em, one disintegrated and was snacked on!

Quick note - we don’t make our own spaghetti sauce anymore. Spinelli’s, a Denver company, makes some sauces that are as good as we can make.

Tonight’s dinner spaghetti, Spinelli’s Marinara and 7 meatballs - 4 for Bill, 3 for Martin.

Meatballs and pasta are Parrot Approved!

Livingstone just couldn’t get enough of this dish!

We put all the remaining 61 meatballs into a big container to cool down.

We get 8 additional meals worth, with 3 containers of 7 meatballs and 5 of 8 meatballs (but not Seven of Nine). Everything that goes into the freezer is labeled!

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