The Mise en place for the Seared Halibut and Sautéed Summer vegetables. At the left is the Ramp butter, the salted and peppered Halibut is at the back, the Oxford gardens red and purple micro greens are in the middle. the vegetables (white and green asparagus, english peas and morel mushrooms) are at the right.

The seared Halibut and focaccia are going into the 300°F oven on a foil lined baking sheet. There’s a bit of a dam between them so that the bread doesn’t get fish juice on it.

Sautéing the summer vegetables.

Finishing with the ramp butter.

The main course, the fish is on the bed of summer vegetables and is topped with ramp butter and microgreens, the focaccia is on it’s own glass plate.

Back into the kitchen for the desert of filled Cannoli. The filling is ricotta cheese and chocolate and needs to be piped into the shells.

Livingston really goes for sweets. He always checks Bill’s first.

This dessert is so good, he’ll even go for Martin’s!

Livingston also likes real wine corks! Only the very best for this connoisseur!