February 2, 2020 Brown Palace Hotel Brunch

The brunch takes place at Ellyngton’s. Wow! They have stepped up their game since the last time we were here a few months ago. They have completely changed the equipment on the hot dishes and improved the dishes themselves. They’ve never had anything like Coriander Crusted Duck before! They also increased the variety of dishes they have. All in all, this is now on par with Jill’s at the St. Julian! We are really, really, lucky to have two brunches of this quality in the Denver metro area.

The brunch is at Ellyngton’s. Darn it, forgot to get a pic of the full detailed description! I do like what I did get - “Well, who wouldn’t get a bit bubbly over our lavish brunch spread?”

Danny Showers jazz band is usually present at these brunches! He keeps promising us a studio album, but hasn’t found the time to record it yet.

Our table.

The left side of the breakfast part of brunch. The crepe griddle is at the left, some of the basic breakfast dishes are in the foreground. Spinach and Artichoke frittata at the left, Breakfast Potatoes in the middle and Vanilla bean waffles at the right.

The right side of the breakfast part of brunch. The sausage and bacon warmer is the rectangular pan at the right and the start of the salads is at the extreme right.

Breakfast potatoes open

Sausage and bacon open.

Artichoke Frittata open. This was a really neat dish, just a bit of chili in it made it a hit!

More of the salads. Mixed greens on the left, Tropical Asian Slaw in the middle and Traditional Caesar on the far right.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen the same ice sculpture twice! This one’s really appropriate - A lighthouse in the midst of the seafood dishes.

Coriander Crusted Duck Breast with tomato jam and fava bean puree!

At the left is a Warm Vegetable medley and in the center is a Cajun Seared Colorado Striped Bass with rice blend and shrimp creole sauce. Wow! The Bass was amazing.

Garlic and herb crusted smoked prime rib - absolutely perfect! The Au Jus was simply amazing.

An overall view of the dessert section. They really go completely overboard with this! 

At the far left is the Bananas Foster, which we didn’t get to ☹️!

Here we have the enormous chocolate fountain with a wide selection of fruits, crackers, marshmallows and other tidbits to dip into it.

Flourless chocolate cake - Wow!

Double Chocolate Cheesecake - Martin really liked this one! Didn’t even get around to the Cranberry Compote and Oat Tartlet

Even more unsampled delights! Pistachio Cannoli and Creme Brûlée

Above the Pistachio Cannoli and Creme Brûlée are parfaits and a Stout Chocolate Mousse. Yes, they put a bit of Guinness Stout into them! The pastry chef does have a good time!

Here’s one you simply cannot skip! This is one of most amazing desserts we’ve ever run across, it is a Kahlua sipping chocolate. The small glasses are for it.

If you’ve managed to get to here, this is a hidden delight! It’s not on the menu, or anywhere, you have to ask for it! It’s a truffled Eggs Benedict and is just amazing